My name is Lars-Erik Görjevik, and I´m based in Solna, just north to Stockholm, Sweden.
Photography has been one of my main interests since the late 70´s. Then it was analogical photography and I have done my lessons in the darkroom. From 2008 I only work with digital photography and the computer is my processing unit, I do all photoshopwork myself.
I am mainly self-taught by experience, but I have also participated in some courses.
My vision on photgraphy is based in reality. What you see, is what it is and what happens. It is not arranged, no special effects added. The reality always surpasses the fiction.

Travel and places

Travel and places is for me primarily surroundings and situations – to experience the feeling in the moment. Street environment, daily situations and specific details for the place, country and culture is as interesting as tourist attractions and historical places. I regard every place more like a meeting. With people, milieus, and cultures.  

I never travel with the goal to take pictures, photography is a part in my visit to specific place. As I do it for my own without any commitments to create images, I never need to force or arrange any images. You can always trust that the images are true and experienced.


Fascinating views are always there. In every grove, park, waterfront as in the djungle or savanna you will find it. It is just like to go into the adventure, you do not need to pay to take part.
As with all my photography the images tells what happens exactly when they are taken. Not arranged. Not dramatized in photoshop, no extra effects added. You are invited to the moment as it was.
I want to show that the thrillingly, fascinating and fantastic can be found everywhere.

I am searching for the more natural look, and I do prefer working in autentic milieus and situations, but I do have a studio as well. I am fascinated about dancers total control over every muscle and the beauty of the body. In portraiture I prefer the more natural look, less makeup and more personality.
I mainly focus in portrait, dance-, gymnastic and athletics, and in art nude,
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